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Mobile Apps for iOS & Android - Encrypted Code add-on

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Mobile devices captured all spheres of our lives - we can spend hours shopping, chatting, reading and sharing, even on the go. Job is no exception. Let jobseekers and employers stay on your job board site with their mobile devices!

JS mobile application will make finding a job & a staff member easy, no matter if a jobseeker & employer are at their workdesk or on a playground with their kids.

Optimized for Android and iOS platforms

The application interface is adjusted for mobile devices, including use of informative tiles, finger-friendly icons and buttons and more.

* More than a search tool

Jobseekers apply job with a resume and view application status; employers receive applications and review them.

* Under your brand

YOUR brand name, color scheme & copyrights! Fantastic, isn’t it?

* Monetize the application

Display mobile ads that match your site users' interests and earn from clicks and impressions.

* Analyze your mobile audience

With JS mobile application, you can use analytic tools to learn your mobile audience and take appropriate actions.

* Flexible pricing

Encrypted or 100% source code application? We offer both options.

Software License
Version 2013.03.CORE
License Lifetime license
Moneyback 7 days moneyback for license
Professional support e-mail / chat / helpdesk / phone
Installation Free

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